This Day in Labor History: A Digest

A digest of This Day in Labor History

July 6, 1892–The Homestead Strike

July 12, 1917–The Bisbee Deportation

July 14, 1877–The Great Railroad Strike

September 9, 1739–The Stono Rebellion

September 17, 1989–The Pittston Strike

October 26, 1676–Bacon’s Rebellion

November 5, 1916–The Everett Massacre

November 9, 1935–Creation of the CIO

November 11, 1919–The Centralia Massacre

November 22, 1909–Uprising of the 20,000

December 2, 1946–The Oakland General Strike

December 5, 1955–Merger of the AFL and CIO

December 28, 1869–Founding of the Knights of Labor

December 30, 1905–Murder of former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg

January 1, 1994–NAFTA

January 5, 1970–Murder of UMWA reformer Jock Yablonski

February 6, 1919–The Seattle General Strike

February 11, 1937–The Flint Sit-Down Strike ends.

February 24, 1912–Beating of the women and children at Lawrence

March 25, 1911–Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

April 4, 1968–Assassination of Martin Luther King during sanitation strike in Memphis

April 20, 1914–Ludlow Massacre

April 30, 1894–Coxey’s Army

May 4, 1886–Haymarket Riot

May 9, 1934–Longshoremen strike begins in San Francisco

May 16, 1934–Minneapolis Teamsters Strike

May 19, 1920–Matewan Massacre

May 30, 1937–Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago

June 6, 1943–Detroit Hate Strike

June 20, 1947–President Truman vetoes Taft-Hartley Act

June 26, 1894–Pullman Strike

July 3, 1835–Paterson Textile Strike of 1835

July 4, 1892–People’s Party Convention

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