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In a world where everything is terrible, it’s worth noting the rare things that are not terrible and remember that there are real lessons in these stories. When migratory fish follow their ancestral instinct to swim up Delaware’s Brandywine Creek during this spring’s spawning season, they will find, for the first time in more than […]
Only LGM provides you with the sturgeon news you demand! And for once, it’s actually kind of good news. Lake Winnebago is one of only two locations in the world where people can spearfish lake sturgeon. These armored fish, also distinguished by whiskerlike barbels growing from their chins, can live as long as a century, […]

Burn Baby Burn!

On December 16, 2019

Amazingly, impeachment isn’t even close to the most important story in the world right now. Each year, the United Nations holds a conference on climate change to try to nudge the biggest pollute

It’s the little things that truly mark the horrors of any Republican presidency, such as not allowing people to see where toxic waste might exist. On December 16, the National Library of Medicine is retiring the revelatory environmental mapping tool known as ToxMap.  Ever so quietly, the door will close on what has arguably become […]
Recycling is simply broken. This story of what happens to workers “recycling” computers shipped to Thailand is telling of the many problems with the system. Crouched on the ground in a dimly lit factory, the women picked through the discarded innards of the modern world: batteries, circuit boards and bundles of wires. They broke down […]
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