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When I become a multigazillionaire on LoomCoin, I promise to do a better job on taking care of affected communities with my bullshit made up money than Bitcoin has. Coinmint filled the building with servers, running them 24 hours a day. When the miners wanted to expand into a nearby shopping center, Bill Treacy, the […]

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On November 17, 2021

Again, these climate conferences are meaningless because nations are just not going to stop processing fossil fuels until they are all gone. Or at least the US won’t. The Biden administration to

Any good will Biden got from environmentalists for the end of the Keystone XL Pipeline is disappearing very fast because he is supporting the Line 3 Pipeline, which is just bad, which also goes across Native lands, and which is counter to the energy policies we desperately need to avoid the entire world becoming what […]
There’s nothing Republicans won’t turn into a full culture war these days, as this is really all they have. That includes in West Virginia, where the state legislature is considering using that small government mentality to…..force energy producers to keep coal use at levels at least as high as that of 2019 The state Senate […]
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