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Since white parents will do everything possible to not send their kids to schools with Black kids (well, maybe one or two from upper middle class backgrounds so that little Connor and Maddie can have just the right kind of diversity in their lives), what if, like with vaccines, we started to provide incentives to […]
We talked about this history a few days ago. And then there’s this story, which is actually pretty amazing. Since she moved back home to Tremé almost a decade ago, Amy Stelly has waged a campaign for the removal of a highway that cuts through her New Orleans neighborhood. She struggled to get support from […]
If you want to get into the messiness of American history, explore the history of race and slavery within the tribes. The Choctaw for instance really do not want to count the descendants of their former African slaves as part of the tribe, in part because they don’t want to split up the casino money […]
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