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In our last film club, we watched the ridiculous National Right to Work Committee film Women Must Weep, a laughable but horrifying piece of hackwork about a strike in Princeton, Indiana. Outraged and furious, the National Association of Machinists created an answer film called Anatomy of a Lie. In honor of the lie New Hampshire […]
Tonight’s film is an old favorite of mine: Peter Watkins’ 1971 Vietnam-era dystopian film Punishment Park. The plot is that Nixon declares a national emergency, hippies and Black Power leaders are rounded up and given a choice between long prison terms and trying to escape Punishment Park, a place in the California desert where they […]
Leon Spinks died the other day. So to honor his memory, let’s watch the first Spinks-Ali fight from 1978, when Spinks pulled off the incredible upset. It was really the only highlight of his professional career, though he had won gold in Montreal in 76. Meanwhile, it signaled the beginning of the end of Ali, […]
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