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I hadn’t watched Scorsese’s The Last Waltz in years so I threw it on last night. If anything, it’s even better than I remembered. The Band was no great live act in their later years, but they really turned it on in those performances, with Robbie Robertson really shining. Most of the guest performances hold […]
I’m always sort of fascinated with what are now older western films about the developing world, largely because they are almost always incredibly shallow discussions of them. In this case, an overall of the Malaysian economy from about 1970, it’s super shallow this way, though the footage is interesting enough I suppose. When I wrote […]
Cecil B. DeMille was a legendary director spanning a very long time, most notably producing two cutting edge productions of The Ten Commandments decades apart. But the switch from silent films to talkies was not a smooth one for DeMille. HIs 1933 film This Day and Age is outright horrible. The story is basically that […]
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