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On January 25, 1915, the Supreme Court decided the case of Coppage v. Kansas, allowing employers to force workers to sign yellow-dog contracts, making not joining a union a condition of employment. This case, so typical of the Gilded Age Supreme Court and the Court for the vast majority of American history, caused such outrage […]
In the initial Gilded Age, the courts took the 14th Amendment, tore it up as it applied to African-Americans, and created entirely new and unintended meanings for it as it applied to corporations, starting the nation down the road that has lately led to Citizens United. It took the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, refused to apply […]
On March 29, 1965, the U.S. Supreme Court rules for the defendant in the case of Textile Workers Union v. Darlington Manufacturing Company. In a 7-0 ruling the Court decided that a company could close a recently unionized factory, even if it was done to bust a union. An employer could not close part of […]
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