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This is the grave of Owen Roberts. Born in Philadelphia in 1875, Roberts was the son of a prosperous hardware merchant. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and edited the school newspaper there before graduating in 1895. He stayed there for law school and finished his degree in 1898. He frequently taught law at Penn […]
On June 3, 1918, the Supreme Court, in the case of Hammer v. Dagenhart, overturned the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act, once again proving a reactionary force in the fight for Americans to live decent lives. Child labor was a gigantic problem in early twentieth century America. Children as young as seven at times could be […]
This is the grave of Harlan Stone. Born in Chesterfield, New Hampshire in 1872, Stone graduated from Amherst College in 1894. He taught for a bit and then decided on law school, attending Columbia and both finishing his degree and passing the bar in 1898. He rose very fast in the law profession, showing great […]
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