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This is the grave of Horace Gray. Born in 1828 in Boston, Gray came out of the early republic Boston elite. His grandfather was William Gray, who had built a family empire and became New England’s richest man. Gray’s politics were definitely shaped by the massive wealth of the family. He went to Harvard at […]
This is the grave of Robert Grier. Born in 1794 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Grier grew up the son of a Presbyterian minister. He was home-schooled by his father and then sent to Dickinson College. He was able to graduate after only one year, in 1812. He became a teacher, first at Dickinson (I’m curious […]
In the initial Gilded Age, the courts took the 14th Amendment, tore it up as it applied to African-Americans, and created entirely new and unintended meanings for it as it applied to corporations, starting the nation down the road that has lately led to Citizens United. It took the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, refused to apply […]
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