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On the latest episode of the LGM Podcast, I chat with Aimee Fox about her book Learning to Fight, which I reviewed in July of last year. We talk about how to research learning in military organizations, how organizations learn from one another, how the armies of 1918 reacted to the Spanish Influenza, and finally […]
For the next installment of “djw interviews authors of recently published scholarly work he thinks is interesting” I talked to Greg Shill, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Iowa, about his new article published in last month’s issue of the New York University Law Review, “Should Law Subsidize Driving?”. It’s not often I […]

LGM Podcast: VP2

On May 29, 2020

And now, part 2. In the rest of the interview, Chris and I discuss his new book, released just two weeks ago from Kansas University Press and available for purchase now, addressing the larger question

LGM Podcast: VP 1

On May 27, 2020

As we enter the period of wild speculation about a Presidential candidate’s VP choice and its electoral implications, it occurred to me that I’m fortunate to work right down the (now, trag

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