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This is the grave of John Hancock. Born in 1737 in Braintree, Massachusetts to a prosperous and slave owning family, Hancock’s father died when he was 7, but he went to live with his uncle, who ran a successful import business. He and his aunt raised him in comfort. Hancock enrolled at Harvard in 1750 […]
This is the grave of George Pullman. Born in Brocton, New York in 1831, Pullman’s father was a carpenter who achieved some renown for creating a machine to move buildings to different foundations as he worked on the Erie Canal. Pullman grew up helping his father’s growing business based on his invention and sometimes attending […]
This is the grave of Henry David Thoreau. Born in 1817 in Concord, Massachusetts to a middling family and a pencil making father, Thoreau attended Harvard and found the experience rather trying, beginning to question whether he was learning anything of real value. During these years, he began to fall under the influence of the […]
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