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This is the grave of Richard Byrd. Born in 1888 in Winchester, Virginia, Byrd grew up in the post-Civil War Gilded Age elite. In fact, his brother was the infamous racist senator from Virginia, Harry Byrd. Let’s just say that Richard shared his brother’s beliefs on race. The family wasn’t as wealthy as it once […]
This is the grave of Carleton Beals. Born in 1893 in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, Beals came from an interesting background. His father was Carrie Nation’s stepson. I wonder what that was like. Anyway, the family got out of Kansas in 1882, moving to southern California. Beals grew up in Pasadena. He went to the University […]
This is the grave of Tom Landry. Born in 1924 in Mission, Texas, just across the border from Reynosa, Landry was a child of the border. His family moved there because his father was tubercular and was escaping the cold of Illinois. He was a star high school football player and went to the University […]
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