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This is the grave of Dorothy Parker. Born Dorothy Rothschild in 1893, she had an unhappy childhood. Her mother died when she was a toddler, her father abused her, and she despised her stepmother. Although her father was Jewish and her mother a Protestant, she went to Catholic school in New York. As a young […]
This is the grave of the vile traitor Robert E. Lee. There isn’t much reason to provide a complete biography of someone like Lee, who is extremely well-known. So a couple of points. First, despite all the attempts over the years to apologize for Lee’s treason in defense of slavery, he had a choice and […]
This is the grave of William Colby. Born in 1920 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Colby came from a military family. His father was a longtime officer who had served in China among other places, though he was more of an intellectual interested in military tactics than a soldier. He went to Princeton, graduated in 1940, […]
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