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This is the grave of Bat Masterson. The thing to understand up front about people such as Masterson, or anyone who was involved in the “classic” western gunfights of the post-Civil War period is that they were all violent thugs. As my undergraduate advisor Richard Maxwell Brown long ago noted, whether you were a “good […]
This is the grave of John Barry. Born in 1745 in Ballysampson, County Wexford, Ireland, Barry was a Catholic. He was treated as a Catholic in 18th century Ireland too. His family was kicked off their land by the landlord and moved to the coast, where Barry’s uncle worked on a fishing boat. The young […]
This is the grave of Alice Hamilton. Hamilton was born in Manhattan in 1869. Growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she was loaded. Her grandfather had basically founded the city and had a huge mansion and estate there. She was encouraged by her parents to achieve the education she desired. They encouraged this of all […]
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