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This is the grave of Babe Ruth. George Herman Ruth, Jr., was born in Baltimore in 1895 to a German speaking family. For some reason that is not clear, Ruth was sent to an orphanage at age 7, even though his parents were still alive. This was actually pretty common in the early twentieth century. […]
This is the grave of Roy Acuff. Born in 1903 in Maynardville, Tennessee to a fairly prominent family for that poor region of the South, Roy Acuff grew up surrounded by music. While his family were doctors and preachers and state legislators, they were also fiddlers and piano players. In 1919, his family moved to […]
This is the grave of Henry and Carrie Getty. Henry Getty was a lumber capitalist. He’s not very interesting. There’s not even any significant information about him easily available, partly because any exploration of “Getty” online or in obvious sources brings you to a lot of other Gettys, such as J.Paul. These were just a […]
This is the grave of Stephen F. Austin. Born in 1793 in Wythe County, Virginia, in 1798 the family moved to eastern Missouri, which was the extreme frontier at that time, really well beyond where most whites would go. But his father Moses Austin had developed connections with the Spanish government after going out to […]

Black Cemeteries

On February 7, 2019

I’m a little behind in my grave posts because I have been trying to get a bunch of other things done. Unlike what people generally believe, I do not find cemeteries interesting at all for themse

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