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On June 9, 1880, the Greenback Party’s political convention began in Chicago. While the Greenbackers would not make a long-term impact on American political life, they were indicative of the great dissatisfaction millions of Americans had over the Gilded Age, which was a slap in the face to them of the promises that capitalism had […]
On November 12, 1892, the New Orleans General Strike ended with a major victory for workers. One of the few true general strikes in American history, it demonstrated the potential power of workers, even in the face of race-baiting and military opposition in the Gilded Age. In early 1892, New Orleans’ streetcar drivers won a […]
This is the grave of Henry Adams. Born in 1838 into one of the nation’s most elite families, if not the single most elite, young Henry was the son of Charles Francis Adams, grandson of John Quincy Adams, and great-grandson of John Adams. Like all of them, he attended Harvard, graduating in 1858. He then […]
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