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Dan Nexon joined Lawyers, Guns and Money in November 2016. He founded, and has now returned to managing, The Duck of Minerva. Dan received a BA in 1995 from a college in the vicinity of Boston, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University. Since 2002 he has taught in the Government Department and in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He spent 2009-2010 working as a glorified intern in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia office.

His books include The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe Religious Conflict, Dynastic Empires, and International Change and Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order (co-authored with Alexander Cooley). More information about his various academic roles and publications can be found at his personal website. He currently runs an incredibly nerdy podcast called “Whiskey and International Relations Theory.”

He lives in the Washington, DC area with his family and four cats.

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