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On April 20, 1949, United Steelworkers of America members severely beat Maurice Travis, the president of the leftist union Mine, Mill, costing him an eye. This is perhaps the most grotesque incident in the sordid history of the CIO kicking communists out of the labor union. The history of communists in the labor movement is […]
On February 27, 1869, the great workplace health and safety reformer Alice Hamilton was born. I dislike highlighting birthdates or deathdates for the labor history series, but the history of workplace health and safety does not have a lot of easily identifiable dates and it is long past time this series highlights Hamilton’s work. Hamilton […]
On February 20, 1893, the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad went into receivership. This was the first step toward the Panic of 1893, the greatest economic crisis in American history prior to the Great Depression and one with a profound impact on American workers and working-class politics. The nineteenth century economy was inherently unstable. With a […]
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