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This is the grave of Bobby Doerr. Born in 1918 in Los Angeles, Doerr was given his middle name of Pershing after John J. Pershing, World War I general. Doerr generally did a better job of chasing down balls in the infield than Pershing did chasing Villa in Mexico. Anyway, Doerr became a star ballplayer. […]
This is the grave of Don Baylor. Born in 1949 in Austin, Texas, Baylor grew up in Clarksville, Texas. He was among the first black students to integrate Texas public schools in the early 1960s. He went to high school back in Austin and was a big sports star in both football and baseball. The […]
This is the grave of John Clarkson. Born in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Clarkson rose to become one of the pitching beasts of the early baseball era. He grew up in a pretty wealthy family. His father was a very successful jeweler. But the whole family loved baseball. Clarkson and two of his brothers played […]
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