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There are a variety of forces pushing the United States toward the exit for global hegemony, but none is quite so frustrating as the Trump administration’s simple abdication from exercising leadership. Trump is doing his best to get the United States out of the game of providing international public and club goods. As Stephen Wertheim […]

Pandemic Vlogging

On March 12, 2020

Because why not? A few notes: The Foreign Policy article that I mention is available here. I overstate the extent that regulation in large markets leads industries to produce the same goods. You can c

Following up on Paul’s post, I think this piece by John Cassidy pretty accurately describes the state of play. The structural factors look very favorable for Trump. With nine months to go until the Presidential election, Trump’s celebratory gesture was premature, to say the least. But anyone who wants to deny him a second term […]
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