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  You’ve seen Paul’s post about yesterday’s bombshell New York Times piece. The story it reports, if true, means that Trump knew—since before his inauguration—that the US possessed unequivocal evidence that, first, Russia intervened in the 2016 election and, second, it did so with the aim of helping him win. I agree with Paul that this is just another […]
We need a formal name for the notion that, over time, Trump’s behavior tends toward being indistinguishable from that of someone working on behalf of Moscow. It seems like more than a corollary or variant of Poe’s law. But I’m not sure whom to attribute it to. That’s the conclusion that a friend of mine […]
Natasha Bertrand has more on the fears of NATO allies about the upcoming summit and the Trump-Putin hobnob. After discussing Trump’s latest tweet asserting that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election—because Putin told him so—she points out that: The timing of the president’s tweet makes it even more significant: The remark came amid […]
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