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Dan Nexon is a Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University. You can read all about the gory details of his academic work at
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Congressman Jim Banks auditioned a new line of attack against Biden’s loan-forgiveness program: that it undermines military recruitment. I have questions, such as “what are the ethics of saddling people with debt in order to coerce them into military service?” and “is it a good look to argue that we shouldn’t help people in economic […]
Denmark is a real country. In comparison even to most other European states, it is a robust social democracy – albeit one with features that the American left would consider “neoliberal.” Since 2015, Denmark has implemented increasingly hostile policies towards refugees and immigrants—with the notable exception of Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s recent invasion. What do […]
As best I can tell, no one posted about Leach Stokes’ essay in The New York Times. So I guess that I should. Stokes is an important scholar of the politics of climate change. The title of her piece, “What Joe Manchin Cost Us,” is, shall we say, on point. As she emphasizes, Manchin did […]
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