Author: Dan Nexon

Dan Nexon is an Associate Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University. HIs new co-authored book, Exit from Hegemony: the Unravelling of the American Global Order (Oxford University Press), is due out in 2020.
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I’ve written before about the Trump administration’s reckless and dangerous assault on America’s diplomatic power. Our diplomats are the lifeblood of extensive international networks that the United States uses to mobilize international support for its foreign-policy goals. In recent history, declining great powers have been able to hold onto outsized leverage via, in part, the accumulated institutional […]
I don’t really have any penetrating insight on this matter. He’s done it before. He’ll do it again. Because he’s not just unqualified for his job, he’s anti-qualified. When he comes in contact with qualified officials, there’s an explosion and a firing. A “beautiful” and “talented” dog got injured. A robot had been on standby […]

Trumpian Unpredictability

In foreign policy
On October 7, 2019
Back in 2017, Dani Nedal and I wrote an article about Donald Trump’s claim that “unpredictability” is a good approach to conducting U.S. foreign policy. We looked closely at the logic behind it, and the analogy drawn by some pundits to the Nixon “madman theory” of coercive diplomacy. We found both lacking. Thus, for the United States, unpredictability carries […]
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