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Dan Nexon is an Associate Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University. His most recent book, Exit from Hegemony: the Unravelling of the American Global Order (Oxford University Press), is co-authored with Alexander Cooley.
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Apropos the two post from yesterday on COVID-19 and education, three Georgetown professors – Shweta Bansal, Colin Carlson and John Kraemer – have a piece in the Washington Post arguing against bringing students back in the fall. Universities across the country areannouncing their intention to resume in-person classes despite the ongoing threat of a pandemic including […]
I am not a psychologist. I understand that, even for professionals, remote diagnoses are deeply problematic. I recall how Republicans insisted that Obama was a narcissist because, first, his speechwriters made frequent use of the first-person, subjective-case pronoun (update: which isn’t even true, apparently) and, second, he had the temerity to be a black president […]

Seems About Right

On June 25, 2020

When it comes to typographical errors and the like – at least on the web – I’m usually a ‘glass houses meet stones’ type. One of the symptoms of my ADHD is that I usually have to

You may remember the luminaries of the self-proclaimed “anti-imperialist left” from such greatest hits as ‘The CCP is putting Uyghurs in concentration camps for their own good’ and ‘The Hong Kong democracy activists are CIA-backed thugs.’ But what are these principled leftists doing when they’re not singing the praises of Bashar Assad, running interference for […]
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