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This is the grave of Daniel Tobin. Born in 1875 in County Clare, Ireland (here we have another example of the gravestone likely having an incorrect date), he grew up in middling circumstances in Ireland. His father was a shopkeeper. With economic opportunities limited, Tobin, like so many other Irish of the era, migrated to […]

Ned Beatty

On June 13, 2021

The great character actor died today at 83: Ned Beatty, a supporting actor whose hundreds of screen and stage roles captured the full spectrum of humanity — from sincerity to villainy, buffoonery to

The vast majority of American historical monuments were constructed between about 1880 and 1930 or so. This means that most of them in some way reflect white supremacy, truly a bipartisan and national belief in these years. We’ve paid a ton of attention to dismantling Civil War monuments in recent years and this is great. […]
This is the grave of Sam Langford. Born in 1886 in Weymouth Falls, Nova Scotia (the 1883 date on the gravestone is incorrect and it’s surprising how often this happens), it’s possible Langford was a descendant of the freed slaves who settled up there after the American Revolution or War of 1812. I don’t know […]
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