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I think this is why Trump won’t wear one. The wrong people (the press) have noticed that he doesn’t wear one, and that he is modeling irresponsible behavior. He CAN’T wear one now. He’s fallen be-diapered ass-backwards into a Mexican stand-off and culture war. There are many articles musing as to why a small minority […]

Brad Parscale

In General
On May 21, 2020
I’m curious to know what the commentariat here thinks about the new Lincoln Project ad about Brad Parscale. Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about it. BTW, I apologize for the confusion re: my last recipe. There are apparently two paprika-pork tenderloin recipes and somehow I ended up conflating the two. So I ended […]

Paprika and Pork

On May 19, 2020

Recently made this for the fam and it got rave reviews. It’s a fairly simple dish of pork tenderloin that’s been rubbed with paprika, then browned and roasted. As an accompaniment you make

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