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Robert Farley joined Lawyers, Guns and Money in May 2004 as a founding member. He received his BS at the University of Oregon in 1997, and his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Washington in 2004. Since 2005 he has taught diplomacy and security courses at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky.  He spent the 2018-19 academic year in the Department of National Security Strategy at the US Army War College.

Farley has written three books (Grounded: The Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force, The Battleship Book, and Patents for Power: Intellectual Property Law and the Diffusion of Military Technology) and has written for a wide array of magazines and journals. His research interests include military technology, organizational culture, airpower, seapower, and intellectual property. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his two daughters.

You can find Dr. Farley’s LGM posts here. He is on twitter at @drfarls.

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