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I agree that arguing about which twenty-first century national election was “the most important” is a bit of an intellectual parlor game. The answer really depends on your prior theory of history. If you think political developments are highly contingent, then your answer will always be the least recent election: consequential changes to an electoral […]
Zolan Kanno-Youngs has an important piece in the Washington Post about the legal authority for the Trump administration’s deployment of little green men* in Portland. After President Trump signed an executive order directing federal agencies to send personnel to protect monuments, statues and federal property during continuing protests against racism and police brutality, the Department […]
Democrats are feeling the Trumpentum! According the Washington Times!! Democrats, independents sign up with GOP to vote in primaries More than 240,000 new Democrats and independents showed up to vote in Virginia’s Republican presidential primary this week — the tip of a massive shift as all the enthusiasm and interest are moving to the GOP. […]
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