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Unlike … many people apparently, I don’t think Trump’s rhetoric and embrace of hate groups makes him significantly more alarming than the rest of the GOP. But then, I don’t think it makes him significantly different from the rest of the GOP. For as long as I can remember, the GOP has been extremely and […]
There’s a great deal of discussion about who would make the worst Republican nominee and/or president. For my own amusement here’s how I rate the GOP’s current top three. Least worst – Donald Trump, shouty ambulatory wig stand for president! Pros – None, but watching Dr. V. Frankenstein alternate between flailing at his advancing monster […]

Strange Victory

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On September 22, 2007
Yglesias says what needs to be said about Andrew Sullivan’s meditation on Marc Bloch: But on top of that, though there clearly is a sense in which current American politics is very polarized, there’s another sense in which our levels of polarization are almost trivial compared to 1930s France. We don’t have a substantial revolutionary […]
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