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Trump – Making the GOP yooooge!


Democrats are feeling the Trumpentum! According the Washington Times!!

Democrats, independents sign up with GOP to vote in primaries

More than 240,000 new Democrats and independents showed up to vote in Virginia’s Republican presidential primary this week — the tip of a massive shift as all the enthusiasm and interest are moving to the GOP.

The numbers are staggering in other big states as well: More than 535,000 new Democrats and independents in Texas, 175,000 in Georgia, 172,000 in Tennessee and 143,000 in Alabama, according to a Washington Times analysis of exit polling that compared this year’s election with the 2008 race, the last time both parties had a contested primary.

Nom de ma tante! What could have caused this axiomatic sea change to the paradigm?

According to Donald T-Rump, everyone is flocking to his yoooge (and classy) tent.

“We have expanded the Republican Party,” the billionaire businessman declared Tuesday night, as results showed Republicans demolishing record after record in primary turnout. “They’re longtime Democrats and they were never going to switch, and they all switched. And they were independents. And we’ve actually expanded the party.”


“We’re going to be a unified party,” he said. “And we are going to be a much bigger party, and you can see that happening. We’re going to be a much bigger party. Our party is expanding. And all you have to do it take a look at the primary states where I’ve won.”

Or, you are the tool many mischievous Democrats are using to troll the GOP and drive Prince Rebus … Nah.

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