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If you don’t have a subscription to TNR the article about libertarian humans vs. black bears acting like libertarians may be worth one of your free reads. (Caveat: Unless you don’t want to read about pets being eaten by bears or people being mauled by bears or libertarian swine trying to solve the bear problem […]
Here’s the graphic as it aired. — andrew kaczynski🤔 (@KFILE) June 5, 2020 I can’t wait to see what President Scrambled Eggs for Brains does with this. Maybe he’ll declare that George Floyd is looking down from heaven, happy that his death gave the S&P a bump. But remember: If you know anyone who […]
How are Trump Admin’s plans for a peaceful transfer of power in Venezuela going? Oops.  Oh well, probably nothing! Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says two American “mercenaries” have been apprehended after a failed coup attempt launched over the weekend. […] The CEO of Silvercorp, Jordan Goudreau, told the Washington Post that two Americans acting within […]

Burnishing Bush

On May 3, 2020

George War-Criminal Bush has released a video. Because shit isn’t dreadful enough, I guess. urging Americans to “remember that empathy and simple kindness are essential powerful tools of n

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