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AKA Lies. Dear Jim @Acosta: Grassley is lying. He voted to confirm Anthony Kennedy in 1988. Thanks, Jonathan Singer — Jonathan Singer (@jonathanhsinger) February 14, 2016 Christ, what a grasshole. As to what I think Obama should do (since you’re all dying to know), I think he should announce that he’ll nominate the person […]
As I mentioned below, yesterday Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed a draconian abortion law that, among other things, effectively bans abortions after 18 weeks after conception. This law, like other attempts by state legislatures to ban pre-viability abortions, represents a substantial dilution of a woman’s right to choose. In addition, it’s worth noting that the […]
Today, in day 2 of the term, the Supreme Court heard two cases involving the US Sentencing guidelines. Both cases involve decisions by lower courts to sentence drug offenders to something less than the guidelines minimum (downward departure). There’s a whole lotta confusion about the US sentencing guidelines, much of it created by the Supreme […]
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