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The Disaster of Biomass

“Look at the environmental sustainability!”

The idea that we should turn biomass into energy never made any sense and I can’t believe it ever moved beyond drunken back of the napkin proposals. The solution to environmental problems is not to incentivize burning more of the natural world, I mean c’mon people! Luckily, this never took off too much in the U.S. except for the foolishness of growing corn to burn as ethanol. But in Europe, biomass is a bigger part of the equation and of course what this means is the destruction of the region’s last old growth forests to fuel it. Let’s just burn it all! Of course, the Russian situation just makes this worse and the forests of eastern and northern Europe are just being savaged to burn for electricity.

And Europe, I mean these are supposed to be leading nations in fighting climate change…..Yeah, real hopeful about the future here. Real hopeful.

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