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Yesterday. She is the daughter of a president and a Senator who ran for president twice. And she’s made clear she is interested in elected office! — Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) April 25, 2017 Today. (Thanks to commentariat Stepped Pyramids for sharing.) In defense of Ivanka Trump after she was hissed at in Germany […] […]

Insane Clown Posse

On September 29, 2016

Fear of a Trump presidency has reached such heights that people are seeing frightening characters with garishly painted faces and weird hair everywhere they turn. Another clown sighting has been repor

Looks like the display of angry white dudeitude in Oregon may be reaching an expected conclusion. One person is dead and several others, including Oregon occupation leader Ammon Bundy, were detained following a confrontation with the FBI and state police Tuesday night. It all began with a traffic stop while Bundy and some of his […]
Call me shallow and Althousian, but I really think John McCain should try to find some new friends for his MySpace page. Behold: Woody: “i belive that the way the democrates are going is going to hurt the troops by dening them the equipment they need to end the mess in Iraq. “ Kevin: “To […]
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