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The grift brings them back – The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grants edition


Apparently people should feel privileged when they are granted the opportunity to give money to Milo ¥iannopou£o$.

After raising over $100,000 from his fans for a charitable purpose, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos deposited the money in his own bank account and has made no moves towards distributing the cash to college students as promised, according to a Daily Beast Investigation

In January, Yiannopoulos engaged in a five-hour online streaming marathon to raise cash for “Yiannopoulos Privilege Grants,” $2,500 scholarships to be provided to poor white students, a parody of affirmative action and complaints that whites get a leg up because of their “white privilege.” The project was also heavily promoted by Breitbart, who promised that the first grants would be “issued in time for the start of the 2016-17 academic year.”

Surprising? Pas de tout. In fact, I assume the people who donate to these sorts of things don’t really care what happens to the money. It is the cash equivalent of a Fuck you, directed at whoever is supposed to be outraged by the stunt. A bargain, since personal delivery of a Fuck you to the intended target is fraught with personal risk. I mean, a dirty look and an insult could really hurt.

And if that isn’t the case, if people are indeed going to be sad because those $2,500 scholarships won’t be distributed this semester (or the next, or the one after that…): Fuck ’em.

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