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Any editor who is in the market for a right wing columnist should be happy to know there’s an embarras de richesses right now.

RedState has fired a number of writers, with many former Red Staters alleging they were let go for objecting to trump’s style while agreeing with his substance. Since denying conservatives a forum where they can share their novel and daring ideas on such topics as gender, relationships, religion and race is a crime against humanity, I expect the right wing to turn on Salem/Townhall, the owners of Red State. Not really. I expect them to find a way to blame this on The Liberals.

Pantomime Southerner Erick Erickson gave the eulogy today.

The site name will linger, but RedState is all but dead now. I have invited the fired writers here.

When RedState started in 2004, it was about collaborating between all sides of the GOP and, after I took over, had a real grassroots focus. Since the Salem purchase of Eagle Publishing, the grassroots focus went away as did the community building aspect in favor of clickbait with analysis.

There’s more but it is so very sad. I … I think I have something in my eye … A ROFL emoji. How did that get in there?

At any rate, let us remember happier times, such as this daring action by the dreaded Red State Rabble Response Strike Force.

Olympia Snowe has sold out the country. Having been banished to our world after Aslan chased her out of Narnia, Snowe is intent on corrupting this place too.So we should melt her.What melts snow? Rock salt.I’m going to ship this 5 pound bag of rock salt to her office in Maine. It’s only $3.00. You should join me.It is a visible demonstration of our contempt for her. First she votes for the stimulus. Now this.It’s time to melt Snowe. ORDER YOUR BAG HERE.The mailing address is:3 Canal PlazaSuite 601Portland, ME 04101 Main: (207) 874-0883.

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