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Milo Yiannopoulos spurs Charles Murray to speaks the truth. For once.


Milo Yiannopoulos made a number of claims about the Parade of Pricks he’s allegedly bringing to U.C. Berkeley next week. For example, Yiannopoulos claimed Charles Murray was one of the speakers.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, this annoyed Murray so much he dropped his favorite bell curve.

“The inclusion of my name in the list of speakers was done without my knowledge or permission,” Mr. Murray wrote in an email to The Chronicle. “I will add that I would never under any circumstances appear at an event that included Milo Yiannopoulos.”

And now, the importance of follow up questions.

Asked why he wouldn’t appear with him, Milo Yiannopoulos’s Mr. Murray said: “Because he is a despicable asshole.”

Reasonable people would read Murray’s remarks, laugh, and understand that he is not coming.

People who organize hate rallies read his remarks and think he said Maybe he’ll come.

Angela Trostle, a spokeswoman for the event, said that Mr. Murray had been included on the list of confirmed speakers due to a clerical error and that organizers had apologized to him. “Professor Murray, of course, remains invited to speak, as we hold his work in high esteem, but we do not have confirmation at this time,” Ms. Trostle wrote in an email.

They should offer him money to call Yiannopoulos an asshole to his face. That might work. Or a cage match. I for one would buy tickets to a cage match.

At any rate, Murray is merely the most widely-known – and emphatic – listed speaker who isn’t actually speaking. At least two other people who were slated to speak, won’t.

Uncertainty about who will speak is one reason the event might not happen. A failure to meet deadlines is another.

UC Berkeley officials said Saturday that organizers of a far-right speakers’ series scheduled for later this month have missed the deadline to reserve two of the largest indoor venues on campus for the event, but that they will continue to work with organizers on planning for the festival.

“The University cannot defend spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide security arrangements for events” based on the press releases of organizers, Dan Mogulof, assistant vice chancellor of the university’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs, said in a statement.

Mogulof said the Berkeley Patriot student group that is working with right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos on the “Free Speech Week” festival had failed to meet the university’s requirements to reserve Wheeler Auditorium on Sept. 24 — the first day of the festival — and Zellerbach Auditorium on Sept. 27. He said organizers failed to submit the necessary payments to reserve the halls by 5 p.m. Friday.

Berkeley Patriot also failed to provide the university “with evidence that speakers are actually confirmed, such as e-mails, evidence of travel arrangements, or contracts,” Mogulof said. In both instances, the student organization missed three previous deadlines set by the university, he said.

“This failure to confirm, combined with the refusal to provide unqualified speaker lists and schedules has led the campus to question whether Berkeley Patriot actually intends to, and/or is able to, carry out the proposed events,” Mogulof said in his statement.

A Milo Yiannopoulous production over-promises and under-performs before it starts? Sounds familiar. As do his shouts of Help, help, I’m bein’ repressed!

Yiannopoulos dismissed the university’s claims as “a total lie” and part of a misinformation campaign. He said organizers were in the middle of negotiating the terms of the $100,000 reservation fee when things broke down.

“They asked for the money after the cutoff for wire transfer on Friday,” he told a Times reporter on Saturday. “They will have it Monday. The event will proceed. Classic attempt to force cancellation with impossible demands at the last minute. It will not succeed.”

But Mogulof disputed Yiannopoulos’ version of events and said he was not part of the negotiations. He said the university was dealing solely with Berkeley Patriot.

“The fee payment requirement was in the contract first provided to the Berkeley Patriot five weeks ago,” he said Saturday, noting that the group was sent a reminder in writing Wednesday.

Berkeley Patriot representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

The Chronicle of Higher Education got a quote. It’s scored for sad trombones and Nelson Muntz laughs:

Pranav Jandhyala, news editor for the Berkeley Patriot, told The Daily Californian that his group was aware of the deadline problem and was attempting to rectify it.

“The Berkeley Patriot was under the impression that those speakers were confirmed, and it’s seeming like some speakers didn’t know that they were invited,” Mr. Jandhyala said. “That’s a big issue, and we’re going to try to figure this out with Milo and his team.”

Perhaps the shock-tease is the entire scam. The marks will be worked up about the event that was unfairly cancelled by the left wing forces of U.C.B.’s events, facilities and security departments. Yiannopulos and the rest of the hateniks won’t have to go to the trouble of spewing the same gurge they’ve been spewing for ages. Plus, there’s no chance he’ll get Richard Spencered.

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