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Yiannopoulozilla vs. Testudo! Now with WTF is a Terp? update


Eeek. Milo Yiannopoulos is coming for University of Maryland because the college is in on the plot to freeze his peach.

“University of Maryland stung the students that I was supposed to speak to on Thursday night with a six and a half thousand dollar security fee, four days from the event,” Milo stated. “Well my response to that is very simple. We will hold an event at the University of Maryland, come hell or high water, because they are a public institution and they are not allowed to do that to their students.”

There are a couple of ways to explain his claim. Either 6 and 2 are the same number on Planet Breitbart or he’s a veracity challenged human being.

University spokeswoman Crystal Brown said the cost for the event at Ritchie Coliseum had been estimated at $5,048.

Security would have cost $2,211, Brown said. The other costs included stage setup, lighting, AV, room fees, tables, chairs and other accommodations, she said.

Brown said representatives of Yiannopoulos had requested five university police officers to protect him. The final cost estimate provided to the student group included six officers, she said.

Police don’t work for free? Even to protect a defender of liberty like Yiannopoulos? This is Obama’s Clinton’s fault!

Terps for Trump, the student group hosting the event, tried to raise the additional funds with this more or less heartfelt plea.

“We at Terps for Trump regret to inform that we have run into some bumps regarding funding for this event,” the group wrote. “We all love and appreciate Milo’s work and wholeheartedly want him to give his talk at our University, however we simply cannot afford to pay for this more or less enormous last minute bill by ourselves.”

Other bumps the group encountered included being unable to meet deadlines because the vile Forces of PCSJW used Supreme Commander Obama’s time machine to travel back in time to steal all of their pens so they couldn’t fill out the paperwork.

An Oct. 20 email from Matt Clair, coordinator for Facility Scheduling, to Terps For Trump President Matt Morris indicated that the two parties had met on Oct. 17 and agreed the student group would pay a deposit of $2,000 and submit a signed agreement by Oct. 19 to host a talk by Yiannopoulos at Ritchie. But in addition to the student group’s GoFundMe campaign falling short of the $2,000, Terps for Trump had not turned in the required paperwork by the time Clair sent the email the next day — so the event was canceled.

Conservatism can’t fail! It can only be failed. By failure. And anyway, UMD should have just done the easy thing, which is to let Terps for Trump and Yiannopoulos do what they want for whatever money they were willing to pay.

“We will reschedule, the event will continue and when the event does continue I will be speaking for an hour and a half about … free speech at the University of Maryland,” Yiannopoulos said. “It would have been a lot easier for them if they’d just let this talk happen.”

No he isn’t a hyper-privileged poseur, how dare you?

He added he also intends to contact this university’s Alumni Network to make alumni aware of the matter and gauge their reactions to the decision.

“We’ll let the Republicans know what’s happening here, and we’ll see if UMD’s own alumni agree with the university’s decisions here,” Yiannopoulos said. “There’s really no good outcome for UMD from all of this. It’s a very, very dumb thing for them to try to do, and they’re going to suffer for it.”

That will keep him busy. First, he’ll have to force UMD’s Alumni Association to create a network for Republican alums, then he’ll have to bully people into joining, then he’ll have to explain who he is, and then they’ll have to care.

Stay tuned for live coverage of the Terps for Trump/Yiannopoulos riots!

Explanatory update: Terp is short for terrapin, specifically the diamondback terrapin, which is UMD’s mascot. I don’t know the reason why, but given that UMD started out as an agricultural college, it certainly is original.

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