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Insane Clown Posse


Fear of a Trump presidency has reached such heights that people are seeing frightening characters with garishly painted faces and weird hair everywhere they turn.

Another clown sighting has been reported in an Arkansas county, authorities say.

Cross County Sheriff J.R. Smith said Tuesday night that his office had received one unverified report involving four people traveling around as clowns on West Merriman Avenue in Wynne.

It’s the Great Clown Scare of 16, and clown is the new black. It will also be known as the year that really sucked for anyone who makes a living as an actual clown.

And perhaps it will be the year someone has to go to court to defend their 1st Am. right to wear big floppy red shoes and a rubber nose.

In a statement, Smith said he has zero tolerance for the reports, referring to dressing up as a clown as an act of “foolishness.”

T.V. sit-com idea: The Clowns of Hazzard. Two cousins, professional clowns by trade, twit the local sheriff and tear around the countryside in their teeny weeny clown car. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

Clown sightings have been reported in different parts of the state since late August amid such reports in multiple Southern states.

“If someone wishes to dress up and conceal their identity with the intent to scare or harass our citizens, they will be arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office,” he said.

I know where I’m not going for Halloween.

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