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Trump Lost his Trade War

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On January 13, 2021
At least, that’s the conclusion of an interesting piece in Bloomberg News. The deficit did fall year-on-year in 2019, as U.S. companies switched to imports from countries like Vietnam, but it remained higher than the $254 billion gap in 2016. That was partly because Beijing’s imposition of retaliatory tariffs on about $110 billion in goods reduced […]

Hong Kong

On July 6, 2020

We haven’t blogged much about Hong Kong recently. The news, as readers probably now, has been pretty grim. On June 30, Beijing enacted a National Security Law that, in effect, ended any guarante

…or, “Is there anything that Bill Kristol says that won’t eventually find its way into Christopher Hitchens Mouth?“ China also maintains territorial claims against India and Vietnam (and, of course, Taiwan) and is building a vast army, as well as a huge oceangoing navy, to back up these ambitions. It seems an eon ago, because […]
It really does become harder to believe that Islamic fundamentalism is the dire existential threat of the day when it becomes clear that, just a few years ago, the people who cry the loudest about Islam were demanding action against China. It seems to me that either China or radical Islam can be the greatest […]
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