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Misogyny – Buckeye State style

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On December 7, 2016
Ohio’s General Assembly just can’t get enough of that sweet lady-hating legislation. Ohio legislators passed a “heartbeat bill” Wednesday that bans abortion after a fetus’s heartbeat can be heard — on average around six weeks into a pregnancy. The bill has no exception for cases of rape or incest. The bill was tacked on at […]
Constitutional scholar Cass Sunstein had a column in yesterday’s L.A. Times focusing on Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in Gonzales. The dissent, unlike the Court’s abortion jurisprudence, focused on the right to abortion as necessary for women’s equality. As Sunstein notes, Ginsburg has argued for an equality approach to abortion rights since at least the 1980s (the […]
The decision is in. The Supreme Court today upheld the late-term abortion ban Congress passed after the Court struck down a similar ban a few years ago. Congress, if you remember, passed the bill after making findings that a late term (falsely labeled partial birth by conservatives) abortion was never medically necessary. Which is BS. […]
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