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Who made the medical procedures political?

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Larry Hogan, Maryland’s former governor, is a living, breathing reminder that the very best the GOP has to offer is still complete shit. And now he’s running for the U.S. Senate.

One of the last times I gave the man any real thought was during the 2022 gubernatorial race. Hogan, who had term limited out and endorsed Kelly Schulz, whined like a failing vacuum cleaner because Democrats pointed out the MAGA bona fides of Republican candidate Dan Cox. Republican voters picked Cox over Schulz. Wes Moore beat Cox like a bad play on words that I’m not going to make.

But Hogan is a Republican. When things don’t go his way, he whines and blames Democrats. He did that a lot when he was in office because the Democratic-controlled legislature was constantly overriding his stupid vetoes.

Now he has something new to whine about because his anti-abortion dickery while he was governor will come back to haunt him.

Hogan has said he does not support taking abortion rights away, even though he personally opposes abortion. However, as governor, he vetoed legislation to end a restriction that only physicians provide abortions. When his veto was overridden by Democrats who control the Legislature, he used the power of his office to block funding set aside to support training non-physicians to perform them.

Another very Republican thing about Hogan, he’s a petty fuck.

He also refuses to read the room because that would interfere with putting his own asinine spin on events.

Abortion already is protected in Maryland law, but Democrats who control the Legislature voted last year to put a state constitutional amendment before voters. In doing so they were following a proven political formula used successfully by several states in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision.

Normal people recognize this is an attempt to protect the rights of roughly half the population, including people who travel to the state for medical care. Republicans don’t see it that way.

“I think Democrats put this on the ballot to try to make it a political issue, and voters can make their decision on whether they think it’s important or not, but it’s not going to change anything in our state,” Hogan told CNN.

Like every bucket of crab bait that whines about people who make boring things like their right to exist “political,” Larry doesn’t want to address the how, where, what, why and definitely not the who behind the politicization of certain medical procedures. Using the P word is supposed to shame the lower orders into silence. But his comment was the equivalent of spreading his legs so P.G. County’s Executive and Democratic candidate Angela Alsobrooks could take a shot at his nads.

Alsobrooks said Hogan’s comments echoed years of Republican rhetoric asserting that public policy on abortion had been “settled law.”

“That’s what they told us right up until the day they overturned Roe v. Wade and took away a 50-year precedent that had protected our rights,” Alsobrooks said in a statement.

I’m sure Hogan will whine about Alsobrooks being political and unfair. She should shut up about stupid rights and listen to him lie about being a big snuggly bipartisan bear.

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