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By now we all know about Bush’s politically stupid and unconscionable veto of Congress’s bill expanding S-CHIP, the health care program that would cover kids whose families are not poor enough to get medicaid but who cannot pay for private healthcare. SCHIP is a laudable program, and Bush’s rationale for the veto is just mind […]

Your Demographics

On October 7, 2007

Via Yglesias, a fun and interesting Sunday morning diversion: check out this website that uses census data to give you the demographic of your ZIP code. Especially interesting for you new yorkers, whe

Today, in day 2 of the term, the Supreme Court heard two cases involving the US Sentencing guidelines. Both cases involve decisions by lower courts to sentence drug offenders to something less than the guidelines minimum (downward departure). There’s a whole lotta confusion about the US sentencing guidelines, much of it created by the Supreme […]
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