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This post contains the n-word and a death threat. I’m so effin furious. This happened in Delaware. Mind you, this is Day 1 of Trump being elected. Media & police need to be on this. — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) November 10, 2016 It seems like it was only day before yesterday that people were […]
If you like mental images of reddened, steroid-inflated faces beneath buzz cuts; if you want evidence that white supremacy is alive and well in the U.S., then you’ll enjoy CNN Transcription Service’s article about the shit-loss-a-thon that various police organizations are staging over BeyoncĂ©’s video for Formation and her Super Bowl performance the following day. […]
It should be abundantly clear to any regular readers that I am not one to criticize the S-CHIP reauthorization effort. That remains unchanged. But what I do think is worthy of criticism — or a least a critical eye — is the way S-CHIP is being sold. The Frosts (and the successors, below) are blameless […]
In case any more evidence were necessary, here’s yet another example of why the Supreme Court’s decisions banning school admission plans that consider race were just plain wrong. UPDATE [BY SL]: I have more here. “Color-blind” conservatives who endorse state racial discrimination as long as it’s manifested in the drawing of district boundaries instead of […]
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