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MAGAnanimous in victory


This post contains the n-word and a death threat.

It seems like it was only day before yesterday that people were concerned about how violent economically insecure white people would react if Trump lost the election. I assume no one thought they’d be magnanimous in victory. And if they did they’re willfully idiotic, so who cares?

Yesterday, Shaun King started collecting examples of how the salt of the earth are expressing their joy with harassment and violence, including sexual assault. Today, he’s still going.

If nothing else it helps – or it should – illustrate why suggesting that people who aren’t white heterosexual men  come to any sort of accord with Trump supporters is absurd, insulting and should only be offered as a suggestion in the special sarcasm font or equivalent. Because here’s the thing that can’t be overlooked: When Person A wants to live life in peace and not bother Person B, and Person B wants Person A to fuck off and die, there’s no room for negotiation.

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