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WAPD. Or – How Beyoncé killed 4 police officers.



If you like mental images of reddened, steroid-inflated faces beneath buzz cuts; if you want evidence that white supremacy is alive and well in the U.S., then you’ll enjoy CNN Transcription Service’s article about the shit-loss-a-thon that various police organizations are staging over Beyoncé’s video for Formation and her Super Bowl performance the following day.

(Or maybe you’re hungry, but you don’t have time to eat so you want to make yourself queasy. This will set you up a treat!)

It started (as best I can tell) with the Miami FOP calling on members to boycott her concert in April, where boycott = don’t provide off-duty security for the show.

Awesome. Police officers who clench up when a black person dares to mention the persistent problem of police-on-black crime don’t deserve that money. And when she performs Formation, what are they going to do? Turn their backs on the stage? Beat up on people who raise their arms and chant “Hands up, don’t shoot”? Hide in the toilet? No, it is better that anyone who agrees with Javier Ortiz stay far away.

I hear the Oort Cloud is nice this time of year.

In a statement, Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, accused the singer of using her recent Super Bowl performance “to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her anti-police message.”

Ortiz wrote Thursday that he “was one of the tens of thousands of law enforcement officers that didn’t watch the Super Bowl halftime show of respect for our profession,” but that “on another day while flipping through the television channels, I did mistakenly watch her ‘Formation’ video.”

Sure. He mistakenly watched a video that runs close to five minutes. And that sock full of shea butter just HAPPENED to fall around his dick.

My only question is why Ortiz hasn’t been elected to something or other. His talking points, powers of exaggeration and fist-seeking face make him the perfect meat puppet for some right wing kingmaker.

But I certainly do not wonder why other police organizations jumped on a grievance train being driven by the man who once said Tamir Rice had it coming. Police are only as good as the society that produces them and this society needs work. To put it mildly.

Cue Sgt. Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association in New York City:

“I can guarantee that if Beyonce needs help anywhere, police would respond,” Mullins said, adding that he is concerned that even though “she is in a major position to do things that are positive” she is pitting herself against law enforcement.

Hmmm. A few seconds in a video that obliquely reference the Black Lives Matter movement and the problem of police-on-black violence is all it takes to pit oneself against law enforcement? (The OUTRAGE starts at the 3:40 mark in the Formation video).

Nah, that doesn’t sound too totalitarian or anything.

“She made a statement and now law enforcement is making a statement.”

Ha ha ha! Jesus, we heard you all the first hundred times.

“What’s clear is that no one in the country is trying to resolve the issues between communities of color and the distrust of law enforcement,” he said.

It certainly isn’t happening in the city where a police officer strangled a man to death on camera and walked free.

And if you thought I was pulling your leg (or click) about the cop killer bit, I find your lack of faith, etc:

The National Sheriffs’ Association blamed Beyonce’s “anti-police ‘entertainment'” performance for four officer deaths last week.

Hang on. Allow me to explain exactly how much reality the oppressor class can and will ignore in their eternal quest to demonize anyone they see as beneath them.

Two of the deaths occurred in Maryland. The murderer, David Evans, shot and killed two deputies on Feb. 10. Evans was a 68-year-old man who had two outstanding warrants, one for assault on an officer in Florida.

He also had a history of violence against his family, whom he’d been stalking on and off since 1990.

Police now believe they have enough evidence to show that he shot his ex-wife in 1998.

Why did this example of the best humanity has to offer spend about a month lurking in a restaurant his estranged wife frequented with just a gun for companionship?

No, liberals. It wasn’t that he was a dreadful, violent man. And please, don’t bore me with any prattle about the Patriot Dildo Exhibition at Malheur NWR.

If you’d only open your eyes, you’d understand he was waiting for the secret signal from Queen Bey to kill a couple of police officers.

As was convicted killer Marcus Shumacher, who shot at his wife, barricaded himself in his house carried out his threat to shoot at the police.

You may read about the other uniformed victims of the Beyoncapocalypsé here. Just remember – they were not killed by the men who shot them.

No, it wasn’t the ready availability of firearms, either. It was Beyoncé, you fools! Just you wait. After police organsizations conduct a thorough, frame-by-frame review of the evidence, they’ll explain exactly how she used cleavage and rhythmic derriere motions to enact her cunning plan.

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