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Thanks to commentarion pianomover for this follow up to Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, a case in which Alito scolded the school district’s attorney for trying to unleash facts in the august, legitimate and intergrity-filled halls of the Supreme Court. To summarize, an assistant football coach prayed his way to paid leave and then sued […]
Great WSJ story on how the Cincinnati Bengals completely fleeced Hamilton County taxpayers for their stadium, creating a long-term county budget crisis that is crippling the region. My favorite part: Given the national economic slump, the county budget would have run into trouble with or without the Bengals deal. But county officials say the cuts […]

A Bit Of Calm

In Bill Belichick , football
On September 23, 2007
I think I 80% agree with the Editors in re: Belichick. My disagreement is that (unlike, say, Barry Bonds) Belichick actually cheated, repeatedly breaking a clear rule he was repeatedly told not to break, and hence he’s in no position to complain about nay punishment. On the other hand, some of the hysteria is a […]

The Votes

In football , go ducks
On September 8, 2007
Apparently, Appalachian State is eligible for votes in the Top 25. This is kind of interesting, since I think that any team that beat a #5 team at home ought to receive strong consideration in the polls. The problem is, of course, that Appalachian State is quite likely to run the table against Div I-AA […]
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