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Take That Record Labels


Radiohead has a new album coming out on 10/10. It’s their first non-big studio album in quite some time. They’ve produced it and are marketing it themselves. But even without the cut to the record label, it’ll be the smallest profit they’ve made from a record in years. Or maybe it won’t be.

The confusion arises because Radiohead is selling the record only through its website…and is letting people who download it pay what they want. Seriously.

The idea (brilliant, I might add) is reminiscent of Berlin’s weinerei restaurants, about which I (or guest bloggers) have written before, at which you are served delicious food (3 courses) for an indeterminate price. At the end of the meal, you pay what you want, slipping the money into a jar by the bar. Seriously.

One would think that this would be an unsustainable business model, but the weinereis are thriving in Berlin (you need a reservation). They must be doing well because people like me feel so good about the place and the food that we overpay. Wonder if the same will happen with Radiohead’s album…or if people will take the music and run. And anyway, what is the fair price for the genius of Thom Yorke et al?

(via brother of bean)

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