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On the Indefensibility of the Filibuster

In General
On February 16, 2009
With the discussion here and elsewhere in the blogosphere about the filibuster, I thought it was worth trying to get to the core of the issues. It is true, as djw and I have argued in detail, that the mere fact that the filibuster is “counter-majoritarian” does not make it a bad thing. But it’s […]


On October 18, 2007

Apparently, the holiday season is fast approaching. I know this because the number of catalogs I receive just shot up exponentially. But this year, I’m taking action and “unsubscribingR

Yesterday, a Maine school board decided to allow a Portland middle school to open confidential health clinic within the school. The clinic will provide basic health services (like immunizations) as well as sexual health counseling and birth control. Kids will not need their parents’ permission to obtain birth control, though they will need their parents’ […]
It should be abundantly clear to any regular readers that I am not one to criticize the S-CHIP reauthorization effort. That remains unchanged. But what I do think is worthy of criticism — or a least a critical eye — is the way S-CHIP is being sold. The Frosts (and the successors, below) are blameless […]
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