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While yesterday provided a significant victory for progressive politics (and general ‘right thing to do’-ness), the forces of moral fascism reactionary citizenry continue unabated. In Kansas, a new licensing law for abortion providers has passed, under the ruse of establishing “safety standards” in a state described by the head of Operation Rescue as “the Wild […]

GOP Values!

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On October 14, 2007
Roger takes a closer look. One has to agree with his bottom line about the “Value Voters” summit: “Attendees would be well advised to leave their wallets in their hotel rooms and their children in another state.”
America’s Worst Columnist With the Possible Exception of Maureen Dowd endorses Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. We already knew she was the least progressive major candidate, but…[via MY] Bonus Krauthammer hackery: And look what Clinton unveiled this week: a modestly government-subsidized, personal retirement account. True, it is yet another big-government middle-class entitlement. Yes, she […]
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