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Where and To Whom The Government’s Money is Going


..it’s not the war in Iraq (well, it is going there. That’s just not what this post is about).

The federal government yesterday picked five companies to whom it will award a five-year, $15 billion in counter “narcoterrorism” funds. The companies will supply “equipment, material and services” to the Department of Defense’s Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO).

And the winners are… (drumroll please):

Blackwater USA, Northrop Grumann, Lockheed Martin, Arinc, and a subsidiary of Raytheon.

Because killing people in Iraq and using confidential information in the bidding process just makes the federal government love you more.*

(via Lindsay)

* It’s worth noting that, to Raytheon’s credit, it was the first big government contractor to add sexual identity to its equal employment policy, which now prohibits discrimination against transgender men and women.

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