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Erik Visits an American Grave: The Archive Part Two


Since I think there are too many links in the first archival post for this series and new links won’t work, I am now having to use a different post to archive this series:

1-1,295 are linked here

1,296) Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English poet

1,297) John Heyl Vincent, founder of Chautauqua Institution

1,298) Edward Everett Hale, mid-19th century political writer

1,299) James Malin, historian of the U.S. West

1,300) James Colgate Cleveland, Republican congressman from New Hampshire

1,301) Wilma Dykeman, Appalachian writer

1,302) Gioachino Rossini, Italian composer

1,303) Andrew Johnson, terrible president

1,304) William Westmoreland, unfortunate choice to lead American forces in Vietnam

1,305) Ross Perot, douchebag third party candidate

1,306) Sylvester Pennoyer, racist Gilded Age Oregon governor

1,307) Stanley Matthews, corporate hack Gilded Age Supreme Court justice

1,308) Claude Wickard, FDR’s second Secretary of Agriculture

1,309) Marion Barry, civil rights leader and, uh, complicated mayor of Washington

1,310) Oliver Brown, the Topeka Methodist minister who is the plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education

1,311) James Freeman Clarke, antebellum reformer

1,312) Maynard Jackson, first Black mayor of Atlanta, strikebreaker

1,313) Andy Rooney, cranky 60 Minutes commenter

1,314) Ernest Tidyman, writer of Shaft and screenplay for The French Connection

1,315) John Spellman, governor of Washington

1,316) Joseph Pulitzer, newspaper baron, liar who got the U.S. into the Spanish-American War

1,317) John Tower, Texas Republican senator

1,318) Stanley Cavell, philosopher

1,319) Hoke Smith, racist Georgia Populist

1,320) Chris Kelly, rapper and member of Kriss Kross

1,321) Orville Platt, imperialist senator from Connecticut

1,322) Benjamin Hill, treasonous Confederate senator from Georgia

1,323) David Buffum, abolitionist martyr in Kansas

1,324) Frances Sargent Osgood, poet

1,325) Paul Kantner, member of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship

1,326) Kyutaro Abiko, leader of early Japanese community in California

1,327) Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft

1,328) William Miller, Goldwater’s VP candidate in 1964

1,329) Freddie King, blues guitar legend

1,330) Joseph M. Brown, racist governor of Georgia in early twentieth century

1,331) Shelby Metcalf, Texas A&M basketball coach

1,332) Pinky Whitney, third baseman

1,333) E. Lucy Braun, botanist

1,334) William Monroe Trotter, early 20th century civil rights leader

1,335) Kenny Rogers, king of country cheese

1,336) W. Murray Crane, Massachusetts senator

1,337) Pinetop Perkins, blues pianist

1,338) Davy Crockett, William Travis, and Jim Bowie, committed treason in defense of slavery against Mexico

1,339) Mark Sandman, lead singer of Morphine

1,340) Galileo, scientist

1,341) Joseph Alioto, San Francisco mayor

1,342) Fritz Lanham, Texas congressman

1,343) Roy Wilkins, NAACP head

1,344) James McGregor Burns, popular political scholar, FDR biographer

1,345) James Gibson, Buffalo soldier

1,346) Buzz Martin, songwriter of logging

1,347) Frederick Grant, military nepo baby

1,348) Harold Lockwood, silent film star

1,349) Dion Boucicault, playwright

1,350) Benjamin Cardozo, rare good Supreme Court judge

1,351) Asa Candler, Coca-Cola founder, though not inventor

1,352) Charles Bulfinch, architect

1,353) Charles Dana Gibson, artist, creator of the Gibson Girl

1,354) Sumner Slichter, anti-New Deal economist

1,355) Josiah Quincy, congressman, Harvard president

1,356) Jeremiah Mason, New Hampshire senator

1,357) The Allman Brothers, no description needed

1,358) Mercy Otis Warren, propagandist of American Revolution

1,359) Byron Weston, paper capitalist

1,360) Howard Thurman, theorist of nonviolence

1,361) Joseph Urban, architect and designer

1,362) Mary Kay Ash, cosmetics capitalist

1,363) Amos Akerman, attorney general under Grant

1,364) Hosea Williams, civil rights activist

1,365) George Washington Hill, tobacco capitalist

1,366) Pat DiNizio, lead singers of The Smithereens

1,367) Brigham Young, cult leader

1,368) John Sparkman, Dixiecrat, 1952 Democratic VP nominee

1,369) Ben Bradlee, editor of The Washington Post

1,370) Harry Rogoff, writer

1,371) Niccolo Machiavelli, Italian political theorist

1,372) George Washington Cable, novelist

1,373) Hugh Jones, colonial era science writer

1,374) Joe DiMaggio, center fielder

1,375) Lamar Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs

1,376) Ann Sothern, actor

1,377) Lee and Paula Strasberg, teachers of Method acting

1,378) Jim Bunning, good pitcher, bad senator from Kentucky

1,379) Robert Rice Reynolds, Nazi sympathizing senator from North Carolina

1,380) Mount Zion and Female Union Band Cemeteries, historically Black cemeteries in Washington, D.C.

1,381) E.L. Doctorow, novelist

1,382) Henry Grady, promoter of the New South

1,383) Margaret Sanger, birth control activist

1,384) Peggy Cooper Cafritz, D.C. art patron

1,385) Rick Danko, bassist and singer for The Band

1,386) Wallace Turnage, writer of slave narrative

1,387) Samuel Smith, senator from Maryland

1,388) Howard Johnson, restaurateur of the road

1,389) Major Ridge, controversial leader of Cherokee removal

1,390) Eddie Hazel, Funkadelic guitarist

1,391) Judy Holliday, actor

1,392) Meriwether Lewis, co-leader of Lewis & Clark Expedition

1,393) John Garfield, actor

1,394) Susan Myrick, advisor in making of Gone with the Wind

1,395) Willie McCovey, first baseman

1,396) Tom Mooney, radical political prisoner

1,397) Jacob Collamer, senator from Vermont

1,398) Henry Grimes, jazz bassist

1,399) Mary Martin, Broadway star

1,400) Tiny Tim, American weirdo

1,401) Richard Goodwin, Kennedy advisor, coiner of term “Great Society”

1,402) Henry King Carroll, imperialist of Puerto Rico

1,403) Warren Robbins, African art collector

1,404) Zack Wheat, left fielder

1,405) Theodore Parker, radical abolitionist minister

1,406) Julia Ward Howe, abolitionist and suffragist

1,407) Hugh Lofting, author of Doctor Doolittle books

1,408) Tiger Flowers, boxer

1,409) Joseph Tracy, head of American Colonization Society

1,410) Kenneth and Mamie Clark, civil rights leaders

1,411) Timothy Flint, early writer about the West

1,412) T.F. Green, long-time Democratic governor and senator from Rhode Island

1,413) Howard K. Smith, TV journalist

1,414) Lizzie Borden, parricide

1,415) Solomon Northup, kidnapped into slavery, lived to tell the story

1,416) John Howard Payne, 19th century theater persona and songwriter

1,417) William Fessenden, Maine senator

1,418) William Gillette, the first Sherlock Holmes

1,419) Lewis Howard Latimer, Black inventor

1,420) George Shepley, Civil War occupier of Louisiana

1,421) Billy Rose, songwriter

1,422) William H. Prescott, early historian of Latin America

1,423) Robert Rantoul, early lawyer of the dispossessed

1,424) Edwin Jemison, boy in famous Civil War photo

1,425) George Pendleton, very bad senator who happened to support civil service reform

1,426) Pierce Manning Butler Young, traitor in defense of slavery, Confederate general

1,427) Clarence King, geologist who lived a double life

1,428) Herbert Croly, founder of The New Republic

1,429) Joe Black, pitcher, 1952 NL Rookie of the Year

1,430) Harry Wright, early baseball manager

1,431) W.W. Clements, Dr. Pepper executive

1,432) Maureen O’Hara, actor

1,433) Simon Kuznets, economist

1,434) Bill Clements, football loving governor of Texas

1,435) Robert Woodruff, Coca-Cola executive

1,436) Pierce Butler, slaver and Early Republic political leader

1,437) Lee Konitz, saxophonist

1,438) Mildred Dresselhaus, physicist

1,439) Bobby Jones, golfer

1,440) James Carleton, general of genocide

1,441) Wesley Everest, IWW organizer martyred in Centralia Massacre

1,442) Zoot Sims, saxophonist

1,443) Margaret Mitchell, terrible author of Gone with the Wind

1,444) Bill Usery, Ford’s Secretary of Labor

1,445) John Lomax, folklorist

1,446) William Glackens, Ashcan School painter

1,447) William Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin’ Donuts

1,448) Leonard Matlovich, gay Vietnam veteran who challenged military’s anti-gay policies

1,449) John Armfield, slave trading scumbag

1,450) George HW Bush and Barbara Bush, overrated president and his hateful wife

1,451) William S. Hart, star of silent westerns

1,452) Madison Grant, racist conservationist, author of The Passing of the Great Race

1,453) Joel Chandler Harris, extremely complicated gatherer of Black folklore

1,454) Meyer Guggenheim, mining capitalist

1,455) Lawrence Tyson, senator from Tennessee

1,456) Felix Frankfurter, disappointing Supreme Court justice

1,457) William Crowninshield Endicott, Cleveland’s Secretary of War

1,458) Greer Garson, iconic actress of the World War II homefront

1,459) Whitelaw Reid, newspaper editor and elite Gilded Age Republican

1,460) John Davis, antebellum Massachusetts senator

1,461) John Lindsay, failure of a New York mayor

1,462) Joseph E. Brown, asshole Civil War governor of Georgia

1,463) Ann Petry, novelist

1,464) J.J. Johnson, trombonist

1,465) Judith Shklar, liberal political theorist

1,466) Anthony Haswell, printer imprisoned under the Alien & Sedition Act

1,467) Ellen Swallow Richards, founder of home economics

1,468) Brock Adams, rapist senator from Washington

1,469) Glenn Hughes, leather guy from the Village People

1,470) Raymond Pearl, eugenicist

1,471) Mickey Rooney, actor

1,472) Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca

1,473) Lucy Burns, suffrage radical

1,474) Adolph Zukor, early film mogul

1,475) Tim Conway, television comedian

1,476) Bob Tisch, hotel capitalist and New York Giants co-owner

1,477) John Gordon, traitor in defense of slavery

1,478) Louis Howe, FDR’s top advisor in his early years of politics

1,479) James Slater, anti-Chinese senator from Oregon

1,480) Clark Gable, manly man actor

1,481) Toto, the dog from The Wizard of Oz

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