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  But given the amount of interest this book has already generated, frightening the author and publisher into spiking it may be harder than he thinks. A lawyer representing President Trump sought Thursday to stop the publication of a new behind-the-scenes book about the White House that has already led Trump to angrily decry his […]
Lemieux’s post about Texas v. Some Dildos serves at yet another reminder that the GOP/Christian Fundagelical marriage has created a group of people who can never say “You know what? We’re just going to leave people alone, if only because we don’t want to look stupid.” That would require Republicans to understand that people ought […]


On January 5, 2016

Thanks, I think, to tonycpsu for informing us that Conor Friedersdorf has horked up another Conortrarian Manifesto. The topic: Naughty smurfs members of the Blue Tribe who have failed to realize that

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