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No matter what happens tonight, tomorrow I will…


https://youtu.be/qg2YxCiM5fAI’m experiencing a higher than usual level of dread this evening. But one way I’ve been resisting the urge to gibber is to focus on certainties. That is, there are certain things I will do tomorrow no matter what election results this white supremacist hell nation with really great scenery and some decent food pukes all over us, and the rest of the world.

No, I’m not feeling particularly optimistic. Why should I?

At any rate, some of the regulars can probably guess that my daily schedule is feline-driven. Shortly before sunrise, I get up and and feed the two cats that allow me to share a roof with them. Once I’ve appeased them, I get dressed, check my supplies and go feed two TNR cats that live near my house.

One has been socialized and is often more interested in attention than food. The other will emit weird yowls to get my attention — it seems to understand that human senses are vastly inferior to the feline — and hiss if I get too close. So I know that by 7 tomorrow morning I will have fed four cats, walked a mile or so and I’ll be awake enough to think about the rest of the day. Whether I like it or not. I might not want to get out of bed tomorrow, or the day after that, but cats don’t know about dumb human politics (and if they did, they’d doubtless sneer) so I will.

At any rate, that’s the one thing I’m certain will happen tomorrow. What’s everyone else feeling certain about tomorrow?


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