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This will be of interest to very few of our readers, but one of the things that I’ve been doing while AWOL – in addition to what passes for book promotion, grading, and discovering my very small administrative role has become a lot more intense because pandemic – is running a niche podcast called “Whiskey […]
Two great recent essays on why universal health care is a critical feminist issue. First, Natalie Shure: One of the pervasive ways women are disadvantaged under the ACA is its reliance on employer-based coverage. In the United States, World War II–era wage freezes helped entrench a system of employer-provided health insurance, a perk meant to […]
On August 26, 1970, the National Organization for Women led the Women’s Strike for Equality. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment’s ratification, it had a number of political aims, but at the forefront was inequality in the workplace. It demonstrated the centrality of work in second wave feminism, a series of demands often […]
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