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Humorless Meninists Suspended Me From Twitter



It appears some brave humanitarian soul has gotten me suspended from Twitter based on a tweet where I used the hashtag #KillAllMen. Not that it really matters, but the tweet appeared in an exchange I had with what was clearly a troll saying “Yes, women do have the physical ability to kill men”. In my defence, I was bored. And my evidence is all of history.

I can’t use Twitter until I delete the allegedly offensive tweet. Which I guess I have to do, but not before I take a screenshot of it so I can re-post it again and again.

Here is the letter I sent to Twitter challenging my suspension. Share and enjoy:

Feminists use the hashtag “#killallmen” as satire. Satire, for the folks without a literary dictionary, is the use of humour, exaggeration, or ridicule as a means to criticise people’s stupidity. 

It doesn’t take much searching through my Twitter timeline to guess that I am a feminist and a humanitarian by profession. My feminism instructs me to oppose genocide and to stand up for the rights of all humans who are being oppressed. Men are not my enemy, misogyny is my enemy. 

We repeat these moral mantras over and over again but anti-feminists continue to warp our words and our actions, painting us as rabid lesbians out for murderous revenge. Which, by the way, was the set up for Mad Max: Fury Road and it earned $378 million at the box office, so clearly there’s a general appeal there. 

God forbid any of us “humourless feminists” employ comedic tools, however subjectively wielded,  and yet anti-feminists continue to warp our words as though we are advocating for the genocide or enslavement of all men. Our response is to mirror their lunacy and throw it back at them.

Yes, “Kill All Men” that’s exactly what we’re saying when we chant “Equal Pay for Equal Work”.

Yes, “Kill All Men” is the hidden message in “Reproductive Rights Now”.

Yes, “Kill All Men” is exactly what you hear when you play “No More Rape” backwards. 

Your Twitter machines that lack any human oversight may flag that phrase, but you’ll never get us to stop ridiculing the “Men’s Rights Activist” machine that’s trying to grind down feminists on the Internet. We’re going to keep laughing at their expense. 

Maybe you should all learn how to take a joke.  


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