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These are very frustrating times for a lot of us because Manchin and Sinema and Gottheimer and Schrader and a handful of Democrats who exist to represent big donors instead of their constituents are torpedoing the Democratic agenda before a midterm election when it’s going to be tough for Democrats to hold onto the House […]

On Freedom

On November 1, 2018

Mike Konczal and Nell Abernathy have a call to arms, urging the Democratic Party to embrace economic freedom as a core strategy. They identify three freedoms, as opposed to FDR’s 4. There is Fre

After Tammy Duckworth’s bizarre shot at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez earlier this week, I realized that the mainstream Democratic Party is scared of her. They are scared of the grassroots taking over. They are scared of a left version of the Tea Party. They are scared of their now nearly two generations of received wisdom in the […]
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