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Tom Pepinski, who wrote a terrific post on the banality of life under soft authoritarian regimes, has a new piece entitled “If American Democracy Collapsed, You Almost Certainly Wouldn’t Notice It.” Democracy, in fact, makes it particularly challenging to know if democracy has collapsed. That is because when democracy functions, challenges to it are usually […]
Much of my academic work concerns the nature and dynamics of empires. There was a point, during the Bush Administration, when I came to a realization. Whether or not it made sense to call the United States an empire, daily life in was not really all that different than it would be in an imperial […]
Matt suggests that Walker is almost certainly overreaching in his politically selective attacks on the collective bargaining rights of public employees. As the protests continue, the polling data backs this up. However, these observers with their “scientific public opinion surveys” are missing the bigger picture that can be found by “projecting one’s own reactionary authoritarianism […]
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