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A shonda. They were figures in the greatest, most killing moral struggle in US history. They didnt tweet, they took to the field and died.1/ — Peggy Noonan (@Peggynoonannyc) September 7, 2017 And end. There is nothing not idiotic in this Tweet. No fact is too widely known or easy to discover to be […]
Press statement @WhiteHouse says 1 goals of @POTUS Israel trip is “promote the possibility of lasting peach” — Matthew Levitt (@Levitt_Matt) May 22, 2017 I’ve always voted straight line Democratic. I’ve protested against Republican administrations including Napoleorange’s. I give money to liberal causes. I think I can say that tRump and his goons have […]
What’s more, they’re threatening to get really mad if der Trumpengropher doesn’t trumple some brown people toute de suite. White supremacist activists emboldened by Donald Trump’s stunning victory in this year’s presidential election warned that they would revolt if the president-elect continues balking on keeping his pre-election promises. Leaders of the alt-right movement, who openly […]
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