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The white supremacists are revolting!


What’s more, they’re threatening to get really mad if der Trumpengropher doesn’t trumple some brown people toute de suite.

White supremacist activists emboldened by Donald Trump’s stunning victory in this year’s presidential election warned that they would revolt if the president-elect continues balking on keeping his pre-election promises.

Leaders of the alt-right movement, who openly align themselves with racist Eurocentric ideals, told The Guardian that Trump denouncing white nationalism definitely would cause disappointment and disillusionment among members of the far right.

It’s always so sad to watch naive fascists come to grips with the fact that lying pig they voted for because he was telling the right sort of lies was lying to them as well. These tears in my eyes are pity tears, not barely suppressed mirth tears.

Not that what they might feel is relevant. Any reasonably intelligent and observant person – for example a KGB agent turned Russian leader – knows that these people couldn’t be easier to manipulate if he stuck his hand in them and worked their jaws, a la Mr. Goss. They’ll feel and do what they’re told to feel and do when someone else tells them to feel and do it.

What may prove awkward for everyone, including the GOP, is the fact that the white supremacists’ feelings and actions are under the control of whoever is pushing the largest load of hate and confirming the most biases at any particular moment. Russians, hate groups (domestic and foreign), con artists and trolls (including the next Republican president); they’ll all be yanking these people’s chains. And because the GOP has for years insisted that rational thought leads to muscular men in chaps showing kindergartners how to perform abortions for Allah, it’s very difficult to imagine anything that would cause them to snap out of it.

White nationalist Jared Taylor, who runs the “race realist” magazine “American Renaissance,” was quick to point out that Trump had already backtracked on his promise to deport every undocumented immigrant from the U.S. The betrayal has some worried that this is just the first of many broken promises to come from the president-elect.

How perceptive. But don’t worry, someone will be along shortly to distract them with a Facebook post about what the queers are doing to our soil.

[Video added to minimize confusion, maximize your enjoyment of the day.]

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